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Earliest birth yearEllen Taylor ‎(I502)‎
Baptism 14 July 1567 , Alvechurch, Worcester, England
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year‎(unknown)‎ Cooke ‎(I486)‎
Birth 1608 26 26 Leiden, Netherlands
Death before 20 May 1608 Leiden, Netherlands
Latest death year Curtis Allison ‎(I304)‎
Birth 4 March 1955 35
Death 4 March 2009 ‎(Age 54)‎ McPherson, McPherson, Kansas, USA
Person who lived the longest
Adam Ritchey ‎(I037321)‎
Birth after 1715 17 13 Lancaster Co., PA
Death between 1727 and 1836 ‎(Age 12)‎
Average age at death
Males: 66   Females: 66
Family with the most children
Samuel Packard + Elizabeth ‎(unknown)‎ ‎(F208)‎
Marriage about 1635
Average number of children per family
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Bradford, Sylvia Sylvia20 July 1825199Death 
Packard, John John20 July 1655369Birth 

Total events: 2
Upcoming Events
Michel, Harold Milton
Harold Milton21 July 194678Marriage 
Turman, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)22 July 1923101Birth 
Turman, ‎(unknown)‎ (unknown)22 July 1923101Death 
Diehl, Sarah Sarah23 July 1871153Death 
Draper, Sarah Sarahbefore 23 July 1675349Death 
Washburn, Thomas
Atkins, Abigail
Thomas24 July 1711313Marriage 
Finkbeiner, Frieda Babette Frieda Babette25 July 1900124Birth 
Marcy, Ebenezer
Nicholson, Mary
Ebenezer25 July 1738286Marriage 
Roof, Hannah Hannah25 July 1845179Death 
Coon, Sarah Sarah27 July 1870154Death 
Davis, Thomas Thomas27 July 1683341Death 
Marcy, John H. Esq. John H. Esq.27 July 1769255Birth 
Draper, James Jamesbefore 28 July 1622402Birth 
Marcy, Samuel Samuel28 July 1704320Birth 
Packard, Deliverance Deliverancebefore 28 July 1708316Death 
Washburn, Benjamin Benjaminbetween 28 July 1690 and 12 December 1690334Death 
Washburn, Thomas
‎(unknown)‎, Sarah
Thomas28 July 1708316Marriage 
Allison, Delmar Eugene
Rickner, Mary L.
Delmar Eugene29 July 195074Marriage 
Marcy, Anna Anna30 July 1743281Death 
Diehl, David
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
David1 August 1848176Marriage 
Marcy, Doris Marie Doris Marie1 August 1920104Birth 
Mitchell, Experience ExperienceAugust 1623401Immigration 
Mitchell, Thomas Thomasafter 1 August 1672352Death 
Washburn, Elizabeth Pearl Elizabeth Pearl1 August 1904120Death 
Packard, Zaccheus Zaccheus3 August 1723301Death 
Neff, Homer Dennis Homer Dennis4 August 1903121Birth 
Diehl, Mariah Mariah5 August 1904120Death 
Diel, Josef, Sr. Josef5 August 1699325Baptism 
Conant, Susanna Susanna7 August 1711313Birth 
Diehl, Mariah Mariah7 August 1904120Burial 
Bennett, Evelyn Elva Evelyn Elva8 August 200024Death 
Glass, William Herman William Herman8 August 200321Death 
Maple, Barbra A. Barbra A.8 August 1897127Death 
Struss, George Neff George Neff8 August 193985Death 
Maple, Elijah H. Elijah H.9 August 1884140Death 
Packard, Samuel Samuel10 August 1638386Immigration 
Washburn, Isaac Isaac10 August 1826198Death 
Washburn, Rebecca Rebecca10 August 1887137Death 
Washburn, Ichabod Ichabod11 August 1798226Birth 
Washburn, Israel Israelabout 11 August 1718306Birth 
Stookey, Margaret Louise Margaret Louise12 August 200321Death 
Bennett, Evelyn Elva Evelyn Elva14 August 1922102Birth 
Diehl, John John14 August 1842182Death 
Marcy, John Elihu
Folkers, Marjorie Leona
John Elihu14 August 194678Marriage 
Struss, Anne Dorothy
img src="themes/xenea/images/small/male.gif" class="gender_image" style="" alt="" title="" />14 August 196559Marriage 
Washburn, Sarah Sarah14 August 1709315Birth 
Rithschy, Abram Abram15 August 1830194Death 
Diehl, Simon Simon16 August 1821203Birth 
Marcy, John Elihu John Elihu16 August 1917107Birth 
Smith, Albert Ernest
Marcy, Vivian May
Albert Ernest16 August 193688Marriage 
Tindall, William W. William W.16 August 192599Birth 
Claycamp, Judith Ann Judith Ann17 August 194579Birth 
Crampton, Sarah Sarah17 August 1802222Birth 
Washburn, Lemuel Lemuel18 August 1714310Birth 
Washburn, Philip Philipafter 19 August 1700324Death 

Total events: 55
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