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Earliest birth yearEllen Taylor ‎(I502)‎
Baptism 14 July 1567 , Alvechurch, Worcester, England
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year‎(unknown)‎ Cooke ‎(I486)‎
Birth 1608 26 26 Leiden, Netherlands
Death before 20 May 1608 Leiden, Netherlands
Latest death year Curtis Allison ‎(I304)‎
Birth 4 March 1955 35
Death 4 March 2009 ‎(Age 54)‎ McPherson, McPherson, Kansas, USA
Person who lived the longest
Adam Ritchey ‎(I037321)‎
Birth after 1715 17 13 Lancaster Co., PA
Death between 1727 and 1836 ‎(Age 12)‎
Average age at death
Males: 66   Females: 66
Family with the most children
Samuel Packard + Elizabeth ‎(unknown)‎ ‎(F208)‎
Marriage about 1635
Average number of children per family
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Mummert, Matthias Matthias30 March 1752271Birth 
Neff, Eva Dorothy Eva Dorothy30 March 1897126Birth 

Total events: 2
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Coburn, Mary Mary31 March 1740283Birth 
Struss, George Albert George Albert1 April 1904119Birth 
Wilds, Roy Elwin Roy Elwin1 April 1892131Birth 
Ritschi, Frantz Frantz2 April 1805218Probate 
Diehl, John John4 April 1814209Birth 
Diehl, John John4 April 1814209Birth 
Marcy, Vernon Charles Vernon Charles4 April 1919104Birth 
Washburn, Clarence Augustus Clarence Augustus4 April 194380Death 
Washburn, Hepzibah Hepzibah4 April 1750273Death 
Washburn, John John4 April 1800223Birth 
Glass, William Herman
Turman, Phyllis Merne
William Herman6 April 194182Marriage 
Washburn, Samuel Samuel6 April 1678345Birth 
Allison, Linda Kay Linda Kay7 April 197647Death 
Cooke, Francis Francis7 April 1663360Death 
Mummert, William William7 April 1726297Birth 
Allison, Maurice Elbert
Maurice Elbert8 April 195964Marriage 
Heyford, John
Atkins, Abigail
John8 April 1679344Marriage 
Neff, Oliver Howell Oliver Howell8 April 1833190Birth 
Washburn, Azuba Azuba9 April 1881142Death 
Washburn, Nicholas Nicholas9 April 1767256Birth 
Neff, Elihu Sherman Elihu Sherman10 April 1896127Death 
‎(unknown)‎, Elizabeth Elizabeth12 April 1688335Death 
Marcy, Ellis Harto Ellis Harto12 April 198637Death 
Neff, Jesse Springer Jesse Springer12 April 1859164Birth 
Diehl, Daniel Daniel13 April 1785238Baptism 
Springer, Mary Lavinia Mary Lavinia13 April 1834189Birth 
Whetstone, Samuel Samuel13 April 1861162Death 
Whetstone, Samuel Samuel13 April 1861162Death 
Meade, Walter Sharron Walter Sharron14 April 196855Death 
Ritschi, Philip
Schopf, Anna Maria
Philip14 April 1722301Marriage 
Turman, Thomas Milton Thomas Milton14 April 1894129Birth 
Claycamp, Edwin Herman Otto Edwin Herman Otto15 April 1916107Birth 
Heltz, Catharine Catharine15 April 1778245Birth 
Marcy, Ellis Harto Ellis Harto15 April 198637Burial 
Allison, Maurice Elbert
Bennett, Evelyn Elva
Maurice Elbert16 April 194182Marriage 
Coffin, Christian Christian17 April 1688335Death 
Davis, Joanna Joanna17 April 1688335Death 
Washburn, Seth Seth17 April 1738285Birth 
Marcy, Moses Moses18 April 1702321Birth 
Mumert, Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth18 April 195271Death 
Neff, Elihu Dennis Elihu Dennis18 April 1863160Birth 
Washburn, Benjamin Benjaminafter 18 April 1752271Death 
Allison, Harrry Ernest Harrry Ernest19 April 1890133Birth 
Marcy, Mehitabel Mehitabel19 April 1746277Birth 
Neff, Olive Phyllis Olive Phyllis19 April 199330Death 
Washburn, Deliverance Deliveranceafter 19 April 1742281Death 
Washburn, John John19 April 1699324Birth 
Diehl, Samuel Samuel20 April 1775248Birth 
Packard, Abigail Abigailbefore 20 April 1651372Birth 
Packard, Hannah Hannah20 April 1727296Death 
Washburn, Joseph Joseph20 April 1733290Death 
Draper, James
Stansfield, Miriam
James21 April 1646377Marriage 
Turner, Arthur Nicholas Arthur Nicholas21 April 198538Death 
Diehl, Philip Philip22 April 1766257Birth 
Neff, Daniel Daniel23 April 1867156Death 
Washburn, Mary Marybefore 23 April 1661362Birth 
Washburn, Mary Mary23 April 1750273Death 
Marcy, John Elihu John Elihu27 April 198439Death 
Small, Elizabeth Elizabeth27 April 1747276Birth 
Washburn, Seth Seth27 April 1826197Death 
Marcy, Dennis Gene Dennis Gene28 April 200518Death 
Marcy, Fayetta Ellen Fayetta Ellen29 April 196855Death 
Stookey, Margaret Louise Margaret Louise29 April 1918105Birth 

Total events: 63
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