Jeremiah Washburn  ‎(I605)‎
Given Names: Jeremiah
Surname: Washburn

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: about 1726 11
Death: 1806 ‎(Age 80)‎ , Mason, Kentucky, USA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth about 1726 11

Source: Popp Family Home Page

Marriage Marriage Rebecca Devore - about 1756 ‎(Age 30)‎ , Sussex, New Jersey, USA

Source: Popp Family Home Page

Marriage Marriage Elizabeth Milleage - 20 June 1788 ‎(Age 62)‎ , Bourbon, Kentucky, USA

Source: Popp Family Home Page

Death Death 1806 ‎(Age 80)‎ , Mason, Kentucky, USA

Source: Popp Family Home Page

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Parents Family  (F221)
Lemuel Washburn
1714 -
Jeremiah Washburn
1726 - 1806

Immediate Family  (F222)
Rebecca Devore
Joseph Washburn
- 1853
George Washburn
1757 - 1851
Cornelius Washburn
1765 - 1834
Elizabeth Washburn
1767 - 1849
Nicholas Washburn
1767 - 1851
Margaret Washburn
1770 - 1784

Immediate Family  (F223)
Elizabeth Milleage
Samuel Washburn
Rebecca Washburn
1789 - 1863
John Washburn
1800 -


‎[from Popp Family website]‎
I have chosen to use the date of about 1726 for the date of birth of Jeremiah Washburn. This date comes from Lyman Draper\'s interview with Phebe Grant ‎(see William Grant and Phebe Washburn)‎--Phebe ‎(Washburn)‎ Grant, states the following \"Jeremiah Washburn father of Cornelius died in the fall of 1806 aged about 80...\". This would make Jeremiah\'s birth about 1726, but could be later, as Phebe Grant does not state that Jeremiah was actually 80 years old at his death, but about 80.

Don Barnett, a Washburn researcher, found that a Lemuel Washburn was living in Sussex Co. NJ in the neighborhood of the McCoys, Devores and others. While Lemuel is a possibility as Jeremiah\'s father, Don Barnett has formulated a theory that this Lemuel is Lemuel Washburn, born Aug. 18, 1714 the son of Jonathan Washburn and Rebecca Perry of Bridgewater, MA and that Susanna Washburn, daughter of Jonathan Washburn and Rebecca Perry is the mother of our Jeremiah Washburn making Lemuel Washburn Jeremiah\'s uncle. Don bases this theory on the fact that Susanna Washburn had an illegitmate child ca. 1735/36 in Bridgewater, MA. Don believes that this child was Jeremiah and Susanna came to Sussex Co. NJ with her brother, Lemuel, and son, Jeremiah, and married George McCoy, who is mentioned in Jeremiah\'s will as his step-father. However, while we do have a little evidence that the Lemuel Washburn in Sussex Co NJ might be the s/o Jonathan Washburn, we have no actual proof that he was.
While Don Barnett has put together circumstancial evidence, such as Ebenezer Washburn, brother of Jonathan living in Mon. Co. NJ which is near Sussex Co. NJ, to support his theory, he has not been able to find proof to verify it and therefore, I have chosen to leave Lemuel as the possible parent of Jeremiah, though there is no proof of this either. If Jeremiah\'s date of birth is close to 1726, then it is not possible for him to be a child of either Lemuel or Susanna, children of Jonathan Washburn as they would have been too young. If the Lemuel Washburn in Sussex Co. NJ is not the son of Jonathan Washburn, his parentage and date of birth unknown, he may likely be the father of Jeremiah.
My Washburn genealogy does include Nathaniel Washburn born ca. 1740 who some researchers believe to be a brother to Jeremiah Washburn. There was also a John Washburn in Sussex Co. NJ at the time Jeremiah lived there and it is not known who he was. Recently, we have recieved information that Israel B. Washburn, s/o Moses L., s/o Isaac s/o George, s/o Jeremiah Washburn had as an ancestor a Col. Emanuel Washburn who served under Braddock in the French and Indian War. Could this have been Lemuel or was there a Emanuel who could be another possibility for the father of Jeremiah Washburn?? We do not have any information on him.
Another possibility for the parents of Jeremiah Washburn could be Jonathan Washburn and his second wife Rebecca Johnson. I have no information about their possible children, except that the Rebecca Washburn who married Timothy Carver may have been their daughter instead of Ebenezer Washburn\'s. If anyone has any information about the children of Jonathan Washburn and Rebecca Johnson, please contact me.
There is also the possiblitity that Jeremiah does not belong to the John Washburn line at all, but belongs to the William Washburn line. Phebe Grant also states that \"Jeremiah Washburn was a native of England and came to Jersey when he was seven years of age---...\" This could be taken to mean that Jeremiah Washburn was born in England. However, most researchers seem to dismiss this idea and I think Phebe Grant may have meant that Jeremiah had an English ancestry.

Because Jeremiah\'s parentage has not been proven, it also not been proven that he belongs to the Jonathan Washburn line ‎(we do not have proof that the Lemuel Washburn in Sussex Co. NJ was the s/o Jonathan Washburn)‎. Therefore, I have devided my sources for Washburn information into two parts. One part under John Washburn ‎(b. 1566)‎ which includes Lemuel and Susanna Washburn, children of Jonathan. The following are some of my sources for information about Jeremiah Washburn and Rebecca Devore, ‎(including McCoys and Adams and Lemuel Washburn of Sussex Co. NJ)‎ and their families and descendants:

The Draper Manuscripts
Journal of Richard Gardner
Will of Jeremiah Washburn
\"Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Reords, 1716-1830\"
\"Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern NJ and Southern NY\" Rosalie F. Bailey
\"Northwestern NJ, A History of Somerset, Morris, Hunterdon, Warren and Sussex Counties\" A. Van Doren Honeyman
\"Tales and Towns of Northern New Jersey\" Henry Charlton Beck
\"Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks\" Clarence Roberts
\"History of Sussex and Warren Counties NJ with Illustrations and Biographical Scketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers\" James P. Snell
\"A History of Deckertown\" Charles E. Stickney
\"Our Wantage Heritage\" Editor, Lawrence E. KIng
\"New Jersey Tax Lists 1772-1822\" Editor, Ronald Vern Jackson
\"NJ Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills---1761-1770\" ‎(Jeremiah Washburn witnessed the will dated Nov.19, 1762 of John Addams, Wantage, Sussex Co. NJ. I attempted to find a relationship to the John Adams (Jeremy Adams)‎ family to Jeremiah Washburn, but could not, with the exception that the Adams are related to the McCoys of Bucks Co. PA and Sussex Co. NJ and also contains wills of Zenus and Ebenezer Washburn, cousin and brother to Jonathen Washburn.)
\"Jeremy Adams of Cambridge, MA and Hartford, CT and His Descendants\" Arthur Adams
Abstracts from Friends Records
\"Historical Notices of Connecticut....\" William S. Porter
\"The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut...\" J. Hannond Trumbull
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\"The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Families\" Howard Leckey
1790 KY Census
\"The Towns of Mason County--Their Past in Pictures\"
Thomas Finney
\"History of Maysville and Mason County\"
\"History of KY\" Lewis Collins
\"History of the Late War in the Western Country\" R. B. McAfee
\"Kentucky in Retrospcet...\"
\"Record of Marriages Bourbon County KY...\" Annie Walker Burns Bell
\"Marriage Bonds and Consents 1786-1810 Mercer Co. KY\" Alma Ray Sanders Ison
Don Barnett
\"Barnett and Allied Families 1608-1995\" Don Barnett
\"A Rugged Frontiersman\" Don Barnett
Rev. James Barnett ‎(Mary E. (Jolly)‎ Collier and Pat Donaldson)
\"The Washburn Family in America\" Brenton Washburn
\"Devore/De Vore Families\" Betty Mann
\"The Huguenots on he Hackensack\" D. D. Demarest
\"Revised History of Harlem....\" James Riker
\"The Pullen, Keith and Prickett Families of the Revolutionary War Era\" Vera Warfield
\"The Ross Family Branch of the Prickett Family\" Nora Ross
\"Some Earlier Americans: Boles and Bowers Relatives\"
\"A Springer Family History\" Ruth B. Irwin
LDS Ancestral Files
Dorothy Helton
Barbara Wolfe ‎(\" George Washburn, Son of Jeremiah Washburn and Some of His Descendants\" and books containing records of Cass Co. IN--Barbara Wolfe is a Washburn descendant and I believe that her books on the Washburn family are fairly accurate. However, she has done a book containing Grant information that has several mistakes including having Mary Mosby as the mother of William Grant b. 1790 which I am sure she was not.)‎
Patricia Donaldson
Max Fribley
Cemeteries of Brown Co. OH
\"Historical Collections of Brown Co. OH\" Carl Thompson
\"Clermont County, Ohio Land Records 1787-1812: Surveys, Patents, Deeds and Mortages\"
\"Brown Co. OH Genealogical Society Newsletter\"
\"Adams County, Ohio Deeds, 1797-1806\"
\"Clermont and Brown Counties OH\" Brien Williams
\"Brown Co. OH Marriage Records\" Patricia Donaldson
\"Clermont Co. OH Marriage Records 180-1850\"
\"History of Clermont Co. OH. 1888\" Louis H. Everts
Brown Co. OH Court Records
\"History of Brown Co. OH, 1883\"
Vol. Soldiers 1784-1811
\"History of Clermont Co. OH\"
\"History of Hamilton Co. OH\" Henry A. Ford and Mrs. Kate B. Ford
\"Simon Kenton, His Life and Period\" Edna Kenton
\"The Frontiersmen\" Allen Eckert ‎(contains a few mistakes regarding my ancestors)‎
\"A History of Adams Co. OH\" Nelson Evans and Emmons Stivers
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\"Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in IN\"
\"Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors\"
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\"Historical Diary--Cass Co. IN\" Hand
\"The Life of Mrs. Rachel Calvin\"
\"Burial Record Extracts from the records of the former Evans Funeral Home Walton, ‎(Cass Co.)‎, IN\"
Various Cass County birth, marriage, and death records
\"Burial Record Abstracts 1882-1900\" Kroeger Funeral Home, Logansport, IN
Cass County Indiana Civil War Veterans\' Burials
\"Cass Co. IN Tract Book 1 and 2\" DAR
\"History of Noble Twp. Cass Co., IN 1827-1936\" A. O. Brandt
Crooked Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Minutes to the Crooked Creek Baptist Chuch, Cass Co. IN
Birth, marriage, and death records, Mont. Co. IN
\"Surveyor\'s Entry Book, Mont. Co. IN\"
visit to cemeteries in Mont. and Pulaski Counties IN and cemetery records
\"Commissioner\'s Record, Mont. Co. IN\" WPA
\"People\'s Guide to Montgomery Co. IN\"
\"Deaths Mostly in SE Montgomery Co. IN\"
\"History of Montgomery Co. IN\" H. W. Beckwith
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1850 and 1880 Fulton Co. IN Census
\"Fulton C. IN Wills 1836-1974\" Jean and Wendell Tombaugh
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\"Nathaniel Washburn and Family\" Ora Ellis Leeka
\"Index to Military Men of New Jersey\"
Size Roll of Capt. Ebenezer Sealy Jr. Esq\'r his ‎(Ulster Co.)‎ Company of the NY Troops under the command of Col. James Lancey Esq\'r 1758

Source: Popp Family Home Page

‎(Note from Jim Barnett: Lou Ann: Mayflower Soc. #78367 and State #8083 California has accepted Lemuel Washburn as the father of Jeremiah Washburn and you may join the Soc. Thru Jeremiah Washburn. James)‎


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Family with Parents
Lemuel Washburn ‎(I603)‎
Birth 18 August 1714 31 24 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Jeremiah Washburn ‎(I605)‎
Birth about 1726 11
Death 1806 ‎(Age 80)‎ , Mason, Kentucky, USA
Family with Rebecca Devore
Jeremiah Washburn ‎(I605)‎
Birth about 1726 11
Death 1806 ‎(Age 80)‎ , Mason, Kentucky, USA

Marriage: about 1756 -- , Sussex, New Jersey, USA
Son (Birth)
Joseph Washburn ‎(I608)‎
Death 5 July 1853 , Fountain, Indiana, USA
Son (Birth)
George Washburn ‎(I609)‎
Birth about 1757 31 , Sussex, New Jersey, USA
Death 9 March 1851 ‎(Age 94)‎ , Montgomery, Indiana, USA
8 years
Son (Birth)
Cornelius Washburn ‎(I610)‎
Birth about 1765 39 , , New Jersey, USA
Death after 1834 ‎(Age 69)‎ , , Wyoming, USA
2 years
Daughter (Birth)
Elizabeth Washburn ‎(I611)‎
Birth about 1767 41
Death after 1849 ‎(Age 82)‎
3 months
Son (Birth)
Nicholas Washburn ‎(I612)‎
Birth 9 April 1767 41 , , New Jersey, USA
Death 5 October 1851 ‎(Age 84)‎ , Fountain, Indiana, USA
3 years
Daughter (Birth)
Margaret Washburn ‎(I613)‎
Birth about 1770 44
Death 1784 ‎(Age 14)‎
Family with Elizabeth Milleage
Jeremiah Washburn ‎(I605)‎
Birth about 1726 11
Death 1806 ‎(Age 80)‎ , Mason, Kentucky, USA

Marriage: 20 June 1788 -- , Bourbon, Kentucky, USA
Son (Birth)
Daughter (Birth)
Rebecca Washburn ‎(I615)‎
Birth 1789 63 , Mason, Kentucky, USA
Death after 1863 ‎(Age 74)‎
11 years
Son (Birth)
John Washburn ‎(I616)‎
Birth 4 April 1800 74 , Mason, Kentucky, USA