Philip Ritschi  ‎(I037549)‎
Philip Ritschi

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 24 September 1697 Pfalz, Bayden, Germany
Death: 15 November 1755 ‎(Age 58)‎ Loudoun Co., VA
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth 24 September 1697 Pfalz, Bayden, Germany

Source: Lucy Turner Cronin at

Birth Birth 1697 Pfalz, Germany

Source: Michael Ritchie email Mar 2000 ‎[]‎

Birth Birth 1700 Switzerland

Source: Pete Ritchey GEDCOM 27 May 1998 ‎(WPR@CLKHCC3.HCC.COM)‎

Birth Birth 1708

Source: Debra L. Carter GEDCOM

Alias Philip Ritchey

Marriage Marriage Anna Maria Schopf - 14 April 1722 ‎(Age 24)‎ Weiler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany

Source: Lucy Turner Cronin at

Immigration 18 September 1727 ‎(Age 29)‎ arr. Philadelphia on ship " William and Sarah"

Source: Debra L. Carter GEDCOM

Source: Lucy Turner Cronin at

Occupation Occupation farmer
Death Death 15 November 1755 ‎(Age 58)‎ Loudoun Co., VA

Source: Lucy Turner Cronin at

Death Death Loudoun Co., VA

Religion German Reformed
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Immediate Family  (F12816)
Anna Maria Schopf
1702 - 1784
Adam Ritchey
1715 - 1727
John Rithschy
1715 -
John Adam Ritchey
1730 - 1830
Frantz Ritschi
1733 - 1805
Isaac Ritchie
1735 - 1824
Abram Rithschy
1737 - 1830
Margaretha Ritschi
1740 - 1805


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possibly belonged to the German Reformed Church
Arrived on ship William and Sarah in 1720s

per Broderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2346, Date of Import: Dec 7, 1997:
This father was named John Ruschle B. date unknown. w/ children named

Per Pete Ritchey: Philip is the father ‎(b 1700 Switzerland)‎ with children named

Francis and Frantz are obviously the same.
Adam & Abraham ‎(or Abram)‎ are probably the same. ‎(KKR)‎

‎[Debra L. Carter GEDCOM]‎

Ritschi or Rutschi in Swiss means "lumberman" or "loggerman".

­http­://­www­.­rootsweb­.­com­/~­ote­/­palship3­.­htm­#­ws­ passenger ship William and Mary, Sept 18, 1727,
Philip Ritchey name is not on the list

Philip Ritchey born about 1700/1706 in Switzerland arriving via ship Will and Sarah in Philadelphia Sept. 18, 1727 and lived in Lovettsville, Loudoun Va. and later moved to Rockingham Co., Va. There was a Francis ‎(Frantz)‎ born about 1733, died April 2, 1805 in Bedford PA Married to Catherine ‎(Deal)‎ Diehl. St. James United Church of Christ Church Register written 3 November 1789 shows that elders in the year 1788 and 1789 were Frantz Rithschi, Peter Maurer. Also Abraham 1737-1830, possibly 2 wives No. 1 ?, No. 2 Agnes Grec.
John Rithschy, Isaac Ritchie born 1735 and died October 18, 1824 married to Maria Wolfe, possibly brothers of Margaretha. Philip apparently married after arriving in the USA.

from ­http­://­genealogy­.­org­/~­palam­/­iadat052­.­htm­#­052­ ‎(jan 2000)‎
Immigrant's surname: RITCHEY/RUTSCHLE
Immigrant's given name‎(s)‎: Philip
Ship name: William and Sarah
U.S. arrival date: 18 Sep 1727
Port: Philadelphia, PA
Place of origin: Switzerland
Source: World Family Tree, Julius Ritchie of Harrisonburg, Va
Death in Loudoun Co., VA. No info on wife or brothers or sisters or his parents. He does not appear on your ships list but was supposedly accompanied by Diehl ‎(Tiel)‎ and Koontz. Children are:John, Francis, Abraham, Isaac, Margaretha, and Adam born 1733 to 1758. An early Swiss family to settle in Loudon County, Virginia was that of Philip Rutschly. ‎(Rutchly, Rutschle, Ritchie, Ritchey, Richey, Richy, Richie)‎. Many of the passengers on this ship migrated to Loudoun County and numerous of their offspring made their way to Rockingham County, Virginia, during the late 1700's. Some of these families were: Koontz, Shoemaker, Sites, Meyer, Spangler, Swope, Zigler, Hartman, will, Grove and Biddle. Ritschi or Rutschi in Swiss means "lumberman" or "loggerman". The early families were very clannish, marrying into a select few families in Loudoun County, namely Shumaker, Stover, Miller, Deal ‎(Diehl)‎ and Turner.

Lester Housel ‎[]‎

Cathi Whitehurst lists a George Phillip b. 1723 or 1725 also a child of Phillip Ritchey

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SOURCE: GEDCOM download from RootsWeb WorldConnect, Kriss Replogle, file date Apr 2007

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Close Relatives
Family with Anna Maria Schopf
Philip Ritschi ‎(I037549)‎
Birth 24 September 1697 Pfalz, Bayden, Germany
Death 15 November 1755 ‎(Age 58)‎ Loudoun Co., VA
4 years
Anna Maria Schopf ‎(I063418)‎
Birth 1702 Weiler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
Death after 1784 ‎(Age 82)‎ Friends Cove, Bedford Co., PA

Marriage: 14 April 1722 -- Weiler, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
-7 years
Adam Ritchey ‎(I037321)‎
Birth after 1715 17 13 Lancaster Co., PA
Death between 1727 and 1836 ‎(Age 12)‎
John Rithschy ‎(I038170)‎
Birth after 1715 17 13
15 years
John Adam Ritchey ‎(I037768)‎
Birth between 1730 and 1739 32 28
Death 4 November 1830 ‎(Age 100)‎ Hopewell Twp., Bedford Co., PA
3 years
Frantz Ritschi ‎(I037267)‎
Birth about 1733 35 31 Loudoun Co., VA
Death March 1805 ‎(Age 72)‎ Providence Twp., Bedford Co., PA
2 years
Isaac Ritchie ‎(I067166)‎
Birth 1735 37 33 Loudoun Co., VA
Death 18 October 1824 ‎(Age 89)‎ Brocks Gay, Fulks Run, VA
2 years
Abram Rithschy ‎(I038077)‎
Birth 1737 39 35 Germany
Death 15 August 1830 ‎(Age 93)‎ Allegheny Co., PA
3 years
Margaretha Ritschi ‎(I052478)‎
Birth 1740 42 38 Loudoun Co., VA
Death after 1805 ‎(Age 65)‎ Bedford Co. PA / 65 yrs